The indoor 2020 SKI SALE at Gould Academy IS CANCELED -- however to help the community find affordable gear, the BOC has made a Facebook group -- sellers and buyers work directly with each other.

Go here to post photos of the items you want to sell or see items for sale:

Here are the 2020 Bethel Outing Club Facebook Ski Sale details:

Welcome to the BOC Online Ski Sale facebook group. We encourage you to post alpine/nordic or snowboard equipment you would like to sell or make a request of alpine/nordic/snowboard equipment you need. Please use this group to connect directly with the person selling or requesting. When selling equipment, please include type of equipment, brand, model, size, price and photos of the items. The Bethel Outing Club's Ski Sale is its biggest fundraiser of the year. However, this year, our goal is to get equipment into the hands of people who need it. We hope that can happen through this group.

Please limit comments to questions & answers about the equipment. Thank you! Also, non FB users can use this link and see equipment, but can't message you. If you'd like those people to be able to reach you, you may want to consider including an email address in your sale description.

If you would like to donate a portion of the proceeds that you make from your sale to the BOC, we would be very appreciative. (In years past at the regular sale, 20% of proceeds were donated to the club.) Donation checks can be written to BOC, PO Box 637, Bethel, ME 04217 or you can make an online donation at put Ski Sale in the comment box). Thank you!

True North Adventureware has offered to be a meeting/drop-off/pick-up place for equipment exchange. True North is located at 196 Walkers Mills Rd. and their phone number is 207-825-2201. They are open 10am to 6pm every day.

If you need any assistance with anything, please email

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